Black With A Touch Of Pink

Hi guys,

Today I’m gonna be showing you this crazy look’s brings out both the color loving me and the goth me ….I also did not wing out or use any eye liner at all ..which is kind of new to me since I use eye liner to fix the band of the fake lashes …Soo let’s get started

I first moisturized, primed and applied some foundation onto my face …I used my Rimmel match perfect foundation ,I love this foundation as it gives the skin a dewy  texture .. I also used some concealer and also filled in my eye brows …….

I then applied a mixture of all the pinks from these pallets ..and applied it to my crease and blended it out well …Now this took a long and I mean a long to do this …I also applied some black color to my lids which you will see …

These eye shadows ended up having many fallout ..especially the loose back shadow ,so I applied some translucent powder under my eyes , as it will be easier to brush the fall out away without it actually blending into my skin ….I also applied some black shadow to my lower lashes and also applied some pink shadow below it and blended it out ..

I applied some highlight from makeup forever onto my inner corners ..brow bone and the top of my cheekbones ..I then applied a combination of marc jacobs and they’re real mascara to my top and bottom lashes and then put on a pair of fake lashes …..

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