Summer Lip Look Book

Hi guys,

Welcome back to my blog ..Today I’m gonna be showing you guys how to transform your everyday lipsticks into works of art …Being quite honest I don’t think I’ll be able to rock it in a day-to-day life ,but I think this will definitely be a show stopper at a summer party …. soo let’s set started …..

For this look I tried to recreate a watermelon kind of thing …Who said you can’t rock a red lip during the summer season …As you can see I started off with this deep pink almost red color . On my bottom lips I used some black liquid liner to draw these oval line to resemble the seeds of the melon . I then applied some white color on towards the centre of my lips and from there I used some green eye shadow and patted it onto the top of my lips .My aim was to create kindof a pretty gradient look . That’s all it look to create .

You might think rocking a black lip isn’t everyone’s thing ..but wait till yo try it out . honestly it kind of feels like you are given some super power ..Any way if you want to vamp up the good old black lip all it takes is a pop of color ..A bright summery touch to any dark color …this way you can rock all your wintry shades during summer …So as said all I did was draw a line with this pretty pink shade .. I would suggest you do two coats to get a more opaque look as we are using a lighter shade on a darker base ..

Now this first one is a very wearable look least the most wearable out of all of these .all I did was , I used a pink matte lipstick by wojooh and once that dried own .. I applied this tatoo ..which is a flash tatoo in gold and I looked beautiful and it came out easily when removed with an oil based cleanser … The next one was more of an abstract …ok fine ..I tried out something and it came out like this …but hey not bad 😛

One last thing , I guest blogged on ……..I would love if you could show it some love ………



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