Hi guyssss……

I am officially on summer holidays (which means i’m gonna be hibernating in my run fr about 2 months) 😛 … but anyway today I’m gonna be showing you not just one but kindof two looks using the loreal paris eye shadow in Hollywood Icon .. one of which is extremely glam and the other one which is much more muted …. Sooo let’s get started 🙂

As always I started off by using some foundation and concealer ..I also tried out something new with this look I used some red lipstick to color correct before applying my concealer and I’ve gotta say that it worked wonders on my skin ..anyway after that I filled in my eyebrows and also applied a brown eye shadow onto my crease and used it as a transition color …nothing new 😛


I then did something new and winged my eyes out ..I usually do it last but aahh why this is where the look splits into two ….the first look as said is a very glam look and it is inspired by jade’s look in little mix’s power music video ….and this second look is vibrant yet muted ….


Soo all I did was stuck some gems to my eyes …(wow it’s much easy to say than to actually do it ) ….take your time here because glue in the eye is not a fun filled experience …….I then used some eye shadow on my crease and just smudged it just below my water line …I also applied some black pencil liner on my water line just to define the eyes a bit more …..I also stuck on my lashes and booommmm you’ve got a very very glam look ….

As for the second look I used the bottom most shade all over my lids and blended that out with applying the second to first shade on my crease …I also took a small amount of the second to last shade and applied it to my inner corners and I again applied some black pencil liner to my water line and also applied  mix of all the colors to my bottom lash line ……….no look is complete without some mascara or fake lashes I opted for some false lashes and dat’s it ….you’ve got a very colorful and bright look just using one pallet 🙂 





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