Hi guys …

I hope you all are feeling amazing ..the sun is shining and the we are soo close to get out of school …..soo what better way to celebrate that to do a colorful makeup look …think bout it everyone loves and color and everyone loves makeup ..put em together andd BOOM!! we get this beautiful creation 🙂

The first step as usual is priming my eye lids and then filling in my brows and foundation ..concealer and all that jazz ..i then went ahead and applied some white eye shadow which will make the color soo much more vibrant ..i then also applied some brown shade into my crease as a transition shade to make the blending easier ..(you wanna make sure to use some shade like this since you are using multiple colors )..i then applied orange then green ,pink , blue and a dark maroon color using my pinky finger  and that gave me kindof these clean lines …

I then winged my eyes out and I also lined my water line with some black pencil liner ..i also applied the same colors on my bottom lashes ..(in the same order as in the lids) .i also stuck this beautiful floral sticker on the end of my wing and it felt like it pulled the whole look together ..( to be quite honest it was a nail sticker )

To complete the look off ..I’ve put on some fake lashes and also applied some mascara to my top an bottom lashes ..and dats it …..we’ve got this beautiful.. look !!!

I rlly hope you enjoyed this look and I’ll see you very soon …




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