Hii guys…

I wanted to make this blog a place where i can really express myself and also I think do something that I love.Now I am assuming that you’ve clicked on this blog because you too are lost like me in this big world trying to put together the puzzle that is life..We like in a kindof world where we are constantly bugged asking to be someone else ..and we are similarly surround by people who pursued us to be like them ….I am honestly sick and tired of acting this way ..

We all were created perfectly imperfect and it is also important to understand that what may be your imperfection may not be mine …but people rather have a very hard time understanding that fact …It is very easy to say something that might create the deepest wounds in others hearts .The journey to find your true self might be filled with stones and rocks but the happiness when you finally reach your destination cannot be explained in words ..I am only a 16 year old and I am well aware that I have much more to find out about myself and I also seem to find out new things about me everyday …

The first step to be unique in my eyes is to invite changes …going with the flow will not help you get any where ..the choice is in your hands could either be an average human being or you can actually be true to yourself and actually bring out your talents .

The second step is to be like an eagle who flies above the rain clouds ..Don’t let the words of others bring you down or much rather change you .It is always important for you t accept yourself first before expecting anyone else to accept you ..

And last but not the least stick true to yourself and don’t let anyone change you …Be as unique as your finger print ..My way of expressing myself is doing this blog ..and I am sure that you will be able to find something you love too..just give it sometime and believe in yourself ….:) 

Soo what makes you UNIQUE?



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