Soo once again …I’m srry for not posting a new blog for over a month ..yeah!!!! MY BADDDD!! ..It has been a rough past month ,but im back on the game and BTW thnx for your amazing support while I was “gone” … Your love and support always inspire me to make new content . 

Here I’m back with a gorgeous makeup look ! Now the reason behind this makeup look is that I found a beautiful magical loose pigment from Makeup Forever and I wanted to use it soo badly …(not even kidding it was kindof staring at me throughout my exam days).

So, this makeup look is very blinding soo get your sunglasses on and Let’s get started 🙂 

I began like always by doing my base makeup..I feel like I mention it in every makeup look soo let’s just skip that step 😛 i then as always filled in my eye brows and i then applied some brown shadow to my crease as a transition shade and applied some white milky shade to my lids and blended them together …

I then applied this blinding star lit powder just blended it .. it is just amazing you guyss..just one swipe was enough to get this effect .. It was soo blinding that my camera was finding it hard to pick up the colour…I then applied some blue pencil liner in my water line and smudged some hot pink color under my water line ..I finished it off with my classic winged eye liner ….

I finished off this look with some fake lashes and some mascara on my bottom lahes ….i also went ahead and blended the edges a bit more to rlly create a soft transition …and that is it be honest though it is much easier to say rather than to actually do it ..that took me a good 1 hour to do :P…….

Soo I know this was a rlly simple look ..but trust me I’m just warming up ..there’s a lot more to come …just keep you eyes on ILYF 



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