Acne mapping is an ancient Chinese method of determining the acne found on the face and linking it to the internal organs .this method is now used in the modern medicine and Ayurveda .as they say face is a window to the health. How it works is we link the areas the acne is found to specific internal organs. This can be especially useful if u want to kill the problem from it root. Understanding the root problem of the acne will make it easier to solve it .it doesn’t mean that if the acne occurs in the following regions, u might have a disease or anything. Acne can be cause by many external factors too. This is just a mind map to take care to your skin

  • Upper forehead – digestive system

          The acne present in this region can be caused due to the unhealthy eating habits or poor diet. Eating foods that are easy to digest will help in vanishing the acne present in this region.

  • Lower forehead –  mind and spirit

          Taking some time off for relaxing, and taking time for yourself will help you with this acne. Acne usually occurs in this region when you are stressed out

  • Eye brows – blood pressure and stress

          The solution for the acne that occurs in this region is too get more exercise and to eat healthy .Again try to relaxation exercises frequently.

  • Right side of the cheek – lungs

           Acne occurring on the right cheeks can be because of some allergies or due to excessive smoking. This can be cured by healthy sleeping habits, talking the right medication for the allergies or by reducing smoking. Other external factors that can be taken care of are: changing the pillows covers frequently or maintaining a skin care routine.

  • Left side of check –Environmental Factors 

    Acne that appears on the left side is mostly due to the environmental factor. thus keeping the things that u tend to bring close to the skin can be very helpful

  • Moth region- Poor Lifestyle 

     The reason for the acne in this region is a poor diet. Try talking up a healthier life style In order to cure the acne found here.

  • Chin – hormonal acne

           The acne in the chin region can be caused by hormonal imbalance or the over working of the kidneys. The solution for the acne found here is to exercise regularly as well as to health healthy.


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