Happiness is not something that we find In stores it is rather something u take time in order to find in yourself   Being happy is one of the things that people find the most difficult to do .  Staying happy is scientifically proven to keep u younger and youthful looking and who doesn’t want to look young??!!! Here are some of the ways to remain happy.

  • Dedicate Time For Yourself17710721-Young-woman-applying-cucumber-mask-Vector-format-Stock-Vector-spa-beauty-woman

It is important to treat yourself as much as it is Important to help others. Even during days where u feel like your head is gonna   explode, dedicate some time in the day for u. This will not only instantly brighten your mood u will also be able to spread your happiness with others. Treat yourself in any way u want, if you’re into beauty put a mask on and relax, If your into singing listen to your favorite songs or maybe even try singing. It is all about doing something that u enjoy doing rather than being forced to …

  • Try Something Newdownload (1)

If u haven’t already found something u are good at … then u have to try this. Most of us know that one thing that we are good at and we keep doing the same thing over and over again.  Instead of doing it over and over try taking up a new hobby. Get involved in more activities. Trying some new activities will keep your mind and body busy thus, resulting in a much more happy and positive mood. If u are sacred to try out new thing keep this in your mind “an ideal man is a devil’s workshop”.

  • Look For Happpinessdownload (3)

Try to find happiness in every situations. I know this is not the easiest one … but it definitely is the most effective one. Even when situations are not in your favor, try to be happy. Even in the most negative situations, just think of something to be happy about life and this takes me to the next tip.

  •  Pen Down Your Achievementsdownload (4)

Even if it is not getting grammy’s, writing down your achievements in a piece paper will make u feel good about yourself resulting in happiness. Sometimes we do more work than we believe we have done and it is important for us to realize the amount of work done.

  • Share Your Talents With Othersimages

Sharing your talents with others will not only make u happy but also makes the other person happy. U are increasing your knowledge by doing something and it also is a new learning experience for the person you’re sharing your talent with. This is a gr
eat way to learn new things and try new things.


Keep your mind full of positivity and happiness!!!!

                      GUD LUCK !!!



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