Wht The….TREND….

2016 welcomed some blizzard trends . Some trends from coachella , youtube, featured fashion shows etc are given here :

* Lancome juicy shakers .

lancome-juicy-shakers-swatches-all-mint-to-be-apri-cute-vanilla-pop-melon-collectionThe introduction of Lancome’s juicy shakers have taken the the lipstick game to the next level . These $18 bottles of fun contain a cushion applicator which delivers the oils and the pigments right to the lips . These beautifully scented lip oils are perfect for makeup beginners as well as makeup junkies .

* Rainbow Eyebrows . 


“Brows on fleek” was sooo last season….The eyebrow game have been taken to a whole new level with the introduction of the rainbow eyebrows .These eyebrows are sure to make a statement in coachella . 

* Rainbow Highlight .

download (1)

This mesmerizing shade in the Etsy shop Bitter Lace Beauty , by Jenna was sold out just in a matter of days . Beauty Gurus , Fashion Bloggers etc have been recreating this . This product was an incredible success that it was sold on EBAY for more than $1000. 

* Colored Freckles . 

download (2).jpg

From colored hair to rainbow eyebrows , seems like the next big thing is the colored freckles. Liquid lipsticks , eyeshadows and other pigments are used to color in the freckles in order to create this mythical look . This is a very bohemian and stunning look. #embraceurfreckles.

* Metallic Lips

download (3).jpg

Unlike the glossy lips from the 90’s , this new trend is a layer of shimmer in the typical matte  lipsticks .This trend which was set off by the youngest Kardashian can be easily recreated by using lipsticks and shimmery eyeshadows . 


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